Launching new advocacy tools

CirclesNovember 24, 2013 – We are preparing to launch two new tools to support us in ramping up global advocacy footprint: a new component of our website – – and a new weekly email update, the  (which will replace our earlier Washington Weekly Update).

Many of the pages are under construction – our immediate goal is to ensure we get a basic template that works.

As we defined in our global advocacy taskforce in 2010, the focus of all our advocacy is to empower our program teams to influence country-led strategies. While much of this work needs to happen in London, Washington, New York and Rome — given the continuing influence of donor nations — the real action will be in Delhi, Dhaka, Mexico City, Addis, Dakar and other  capitals of the countries where we work.

As described on the About page of our website, we want to empower our staff, volunteers and allies with the constantly-changing “big picture” landscape for development. As each major conference, report or campaign takes place, we will post it on the website, and integrate it into a coherent, user-friendly structure indicated by the figure above. It shows the nexus of interlinked sectoral challenges that must be addressed to end hunger and poverty – within an enabling environment we’ve defined in terms of the three essential elements of our field strategies.

Your comments are welcome – either by email or directly on the website. We really want this to work for you, and to be increasingly written by you.