2013 Corruption Perception Index

December 4, 2013

cpi13Each year, Transparency International conducts surveys of how citizens perceive corruption in the public sector of their countries. It ranks countries from 1 (Denmark, cleanest) to 175 (Afghanistan, perceived as most corrupt – there are 177 countries but a few are tied). You can see the results for all countries by clicking here, where you can also link to all past years.

The results for our program countries are listed below. Most have held steady during the past year, but citizens of Bangladesh, Ethiopia,  Ghana and Senegal see things improving a bit, and citizens of Malawi and Mexico see things getting a bit worse.

Country 2013 Rank 2012 Rank
BD 136 144
BF 83 83
BN 94 94
ET 111 113
GH 63 64
IN 94 94
MW 91 88
MX 106 105
MZ 119 123
PE 83 83
SN 77 94
UG 140 130

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