Making Agricultural Policies Nutrition Enhancing


Photo Credit: The Guardain

An important article on the importance of making agricultural policies nutrition-enhancing was published recently on The Guardian under a title Agriculture and Nutrition: you are what you saw. Policies that foster agricultural investments and increase food production are important to ending hunger, ensuring food security, increase export earnings and rural income. The alarming climate change, increasing food prices, increasing global population and environmental degradation is getting the attention global leaders. Agreement has been reached among leaders to revamp the agriculture sector and boost production, but always neglected is  the importance of making agricultural policies are nutrition-enhancing.

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One thought on “Making Agricultural Policies Nutrition Enhancing

  1. By planting an extra row of your favorite produce, income-producing
    cash crops are picked directly from your garden for community customers who are increasing in numbers.
    All you need to do is to decide on what degree of these principles you want to
    incorporate into your garden design. It was not until the advent
    of the movable-frame hive and subsequent invention of the motor vehicle, followed by the introduction of toxic chemicals
    into what had hitherto been what we would now call an entirely ‘organic’ agricultural
    system that bees’ real problems with humans began.

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