Need help designing seed-related assistance?

April 2, 2014

Seed System is a collaboration among diverse national and international organizations aiming to improve seed security in high stress and vulnerable areas across the world. Their new website provides practical (‘how- to”) guidance and strategic thinking to help professionals design seed-related assistance.  pro provides practical (‘how-to’) guidance and strategic thinking to help professionals design seed-related assistance.

Seed system website is dedicated to strengthening smallholder farmers’ seed systems. is for practitioners, researchers, managers, policy-makers and donors working in humanitarian relief and agricultural development. Seed system highlights the aim of the program is to foster productive, resilient, and market-oriented seed systems, even in times of emergency and chronic stress.

The site shares resources (tried-and-tested technical guidance!) and has three main aims:

  • to improve intervention practice;

  • to improve assessment;

  • to improve strategic thinking around seed system response and seed system development.

The website also comes with a section that has Assessment Tools on:

– When disaster strikes: overall assessment guide

– Seed system security assessment: specific tools

– Tips for planning and implementation

The assessment tools provide the basic tools and practical planning aids needed to assess seed security— that is, to conduct a Seed System Security Assessment (SSSA). The website allows practitioners and managers in the field to plan and implement an SSSA.

Seed system has resources downloadable resources available online in French and Portuguese.


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