Update! Call to Action: Nutrition in the Post-2015 Agenda

THP serves on an international advocacy task force to develop common messaging and advocacy points on nutrition goals for the Post-2015 Agenda. This is a critical time, as governments are negotiating the report of the Open Working Group (OWG) – expected in September – which will have enormous influence on the final shape of the Sustainable Development Goals.

THP advocates for goals that are bold, achievable, and “rights-based” – that is, set absolute targets statistically equivalent to “getting to zero” for everyone as distinct from “let’s get part way there.”

MAY 1 UPDATE – the OWG has released a working paper which will be discussed on May 5. Our group has made specific recommendations in the following document: Food-and-Nutrition-Security-Feedback-on-OWG-Working-Document-May-2014 – please forward this to any government representatives to the OWG you have access to!

The “Long Form” technical brief has also been updated, and is attached here:

Nutrition in the Post 2015 Long paper April 30

Here are earlier documents posted April 17 documents:

Nutrition in the Post 2015 Agenda Call to Action April 2014

Nutrition in the Post-2015 Agenda – Technical Brief

Nutrition Post-2015 Messaging Toolkit 11 April 2014


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