Purpose of this website: to empower those advocating for effective policies and programs for the sustainable end of world hunger and extreme poverty in all its forms.

Background: Since 1988, THP has pioneered bottom-up, gender-focused, integrated rural development strategies in all regions of the world where chronic hunger persists. Those strategies are now highly developed. Much has been learned — by THP and others — and we hope to contribute what we’ve learned to the formation and implementation of country-led strategies.

The Big Picture — the Landscape for Development: The landscape for the work of ending hunger is evolving rapidly. Never before have there been so many well-organized global campaigns focused on accelerating progress in so many relevant fields. As THP leaders in countries around the world engage in these policy dialogues, we need a way to capture and share our standing of the landscape for development with each other, and to our advocacy partners. This website is designed to facilitate this.

Standard Templates and Rapid Debriefs: As relevant information comes out, we will place it onto this website as concisely as possible, with links to the best overviews we find on the web. Every sector and crosscutting issue will be organized in the same format.

Weekly Updates: THP produces a concise weekly update on what has been added to the site — on news we all need to know, and upcoming opportunities we need to be aware of. 

Focus Countries: THP works in 12 developing countries: Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Peru, Senegal and Uganda, When key new data appear in new reports, we’ll create a blog post with the bottom-line of the report, and the key indicators for our 12 countries.

Policy Briefs: As THP creates written recommendations on various subjects, these will be posted.

Comments and authors welcome: We invite all THP staff and interns involved in advocacy to become authors of this site, and all readers are welcome to post comments, which we will review.

Instructions to authors: You must have an account on WordPress.Com. We use the “Markdown” option to make things like footnotes work simply and consistently.