2016 Goals

At it’s October 2015 meeting, our Global Board of directors identified that our highest-leverage role within our 2016-2020 strategic plan is to “Build the large-scale partnerships and alliances to empower gender-focused community-led rural development (CLD) everywhere it is needed.”

2016-02 CLD Update

Each country in The Hunger Project examines the policy landscape, identifies strategic opportunities and sets its own goals consistent with the global strategic plan. This list represents a global overview of our shared advocacy priorities.

  1. Document and Share THP’s approaches to gender-focused CLD utilizing the shared language and analytic framework of our CLD movement.
  2. Strengthen advocacy capacity in all THP countries, and track our progress
  3. Gather and disseminate evidence that supports CLD
  4. Build the movement for taking CLD to transformative scale at national, regional and global levels
  5. Find funding partners for advocacy to scale-up CLD
  6. Cause a breakthrough in multi-stakeholder implementation of CLD, through change in government policy in at least one THP program country

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