The Hunger Project, a global NGO committed to the sustainable end of world hunger, seeks unpaid graduate student interns to advocate for policies that support scaling-up strategies for gender-focused, community-led development as key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. THP seeks skilled support in research, analysis, networking and writing through its Washington, DC Office.

Major initiatives of the DC office include backstopping the leadership of our country directors (all of whom are nationals within their countries), providing leadership in NGO advocacy working groups and supporting national, regional and global communities of practice in Community Led Development (click here for more).

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Interns serve for one semester or a maximum of six months. During the COVID-19 pandemic all interns, like all staff, work from home.


THP has pioneered effective people-centered development methodologies, yet finds there is a severe mismatch between what we find works and the prevailing official top-down, “silo” approaches to development. We seek changes in governmental policies and practices to close that gap in five key areas: (1) greater voice for civil society in policy-making, (2) more accountable implementation of gender policies, (3) stronger decentralization and support for the role of grassroots-level governance, (4) support for comprehensive/holistic/multi-sector development, and (5) patience – longer-term investments by development partners. Our advocacy goals can be found at

THP interns gain experience in writing, policy analysis, organizing meetings and events, and representing the organization at meetings.

Role Responsibilities

Responsibilities include research and analysis, comprising policy briefs, blogging, and attending a variety of events and meetings including report launches, working group meetings and networking sessions.

The main priority will be to improve the visibility and evidence base for the Movement for Community-led Development, of which The Hunger Project is the secretariat. This involves communication and research with its member organizations.

Additional work will include supporting the DC office in designing The Hunger Project’s new Youth Engagement Strategy, youth leadership advocacy and assistance with fulfilling agenda items for UN Working Groups we are a part of.

Ideal candidates will be comfortable speaking publicly, networking, familiar with managing social media accounts, and have strong research and writing skills.

Interns will not be responsible for more than 10% of clerical support.

Requirements and Application Process

Applicants should have a strong personal commitment to grassroots development and gender equality, strong research, analysis and writing skills in English, and a drive to reach out to practitioners around the world. Proficiency in French, Spanish and social media is a plus.

Apply by email to with a cover letter, resume and a brief (2-3 page), compelling writing sample.