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THP perspective: Gender is not merely important – it is the fundamental root cause of most of the remaining hunger in our world. Deeply entrenched patriarchal social, legal, political and economic structures give rise to hunger and extreme poverty.

In most societies where hunger persists, women bear most of the responsibility for meeting family needs, yet lack the resources, information and freedom of action to fulfill those responsibilities.

Key interventions: (click here for the top-ten list)

  • Gender analysis
  • Rights awareness and engagement by both women and men
  • Strengthening women’s organizations
  • Political empowerment and voice: ensuring equal leadership, and empowering women’s leadership
  • Economic empowerment
  • Female adult literacy
  • Subsidies to keep girls in school
  • Halting Gender-based violence including child marriage and ending impunity to perpetrators.
  • Ensuring women’s secure rights to productive assets
  • Gender-disaggregated data

Key messages:

  • “Nothing for us without us.”
  • “Womens rights are human rights, and human rights are human rights.”
  • Violence against women is not cultural, it’s criminal.

Global campaigns and initiatives:

Key agencies:

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