Education sqTHP perspective: Education is not merely skill acquisition – it can transform peoples’ mindset from a state of powerlessness and dependency, to taking charge of their own lives and destinies.

Key interventions:

  • Pre-school education
  • Keeping girls in secondary school
  • Adult literacy
  • Vision, Commitment and Action
  • Mass awareness on key priorities such as sanitation, women’s rights, health, nutrition and farming.
  • Leadership Skills

Key messages:

  • Smith and Haddad (2000) found that women’s education is associated with almost 43% of the reduction in child malnutrition in developing countries from 1970 to 1995. (Cited in the report of the Millennium Project, 2005).

Global campaigns and initiatives:

  • Global Education First Initiative: The UN Secretary General’s initiative to (a) put every child in school, (b) improve the quality of education, (c) foster global citizenship.
  • Education for All Movement: Launched in 2000 in Dakar, 164 countries committed to six goals by 2015.
  • Global Campaign for Education: Civil Society movement to end the education crisis.
  • Let Girls Learn: A new initiative by the First Lady Michelle Obama and the Peace Corps to expand access to education for adolescent girls around the world.

Key agencies:

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