Advocating for Youth Leadership to Achieve the SDGs

In keeping with The Hunger Project’s priority to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through community-led development, advocacy for youth leadership and engagement has been at a forefront. The Hunger Project took a leading role in both the United Nation’s 6th Annual Youth Forum and the Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations at the beginning…

Common Violence Hinders the Common Man and Woman

Haugen likens the cloud of locusts that swept over the middle of the United States in 1873, a force that devoured and decimated everything in its path, to the plague of violence that infects the world’s poor and inhibits progress towards a better life.

UNICEF Calls for Innovation

The 2015 State of the World’s Children Report – Reimagine the future: Innovation for every child, expresses the need for cooperation from the global community to find advanced and unconventional ways to address the age-old problem that is still affecting the lives of the innocent children all over the world, which is poverty and malnutrition.

Progress on Millennium Development Goal #1 (Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger)

Photo Credit: UN.ORG In 2000, leaders from 189 nations setup the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to eradicate extreme  poverty and hunger, to achieve universal primary education, to promote gender equality and empower women, to reduce child mortality, to improve maternal health, to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, to ensure environmental sustainability and to develop a global…

A Panel on Ending Extreme Poverty in Conflict-Affected Contexts at Center for American Progress 01/28/14

A panel was held at the Center for American Progress (CAP) this morning on ending extreme poverty in conflict-affected contexts. Among the Panelists were Alex Thier, Assistant to the Administrator, USAID , Larry Attree, Head of Policy, Saferworld ,Nancy E. Lindborg, Assistant Administrator for the Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA), USAID , John Norris, Executive…